Decorating a Contemporary Dining Room

Decorating a Contemporary Dining Room

Decorating is much like cooking, you add ingredients and pair things together to create an overall experience. When decorating you need to start with a vision and a goal. Your goal many times is more about how you want to feel or how you want a space to look. Function also plays a role as the space has a utility value as well so planning must include that element. Here are 3 quick steps to decorating a contemporary dining room:

1 – Decide on the Look. There are many places to draw inspiration from. With the internet the options are literally endless. Places like Pinterest are a great place for design inspiration. You don’t need to get all the items exactly to be a success, many times you just need to see the elements and then you can go find them and recreate the look. Find a look that fits your vision for the space and go from there. Print it out if you need to and take that image when you shopping.

2 – Know Your Space. Each space is different. You may find the look you like, but maybe you have a smaller space. You need to recreate the look with things that give you ample room for movement. You can tell when a space is too small and they crammed too much in it. Make sure you buy pieces that work in the space you have.

3 – Master the Details. The pictures from the magazines and the model homes we go into all have one thing in common. They master the details. Fabrics, textures, colors, and decor all build the depth and feel of a space. Notice the elements and the details in the pictures you are looking at and find similar items that have all the same details. Many times after you have finished a space you can go over it and add a few more details. Don’t overdo it, but master the details.

These are just some tips when it comes to designing a great space. experiment and have fun. When it comes to staging a home for sale we can help. We like to give our clients the advantage of home staging so that their home looks and shows better than their competition. We have been doing this long before the industry of home staging came into the spotlight because we know it works. Call us If you are thinking of putting your home up for sale 509-844-2181

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